1. ENTRY FEE: 10 Chips per entry (DUE IMMEDIATELY! Prior to the start of the tournament.)
    Make chips payable to: Greg Painter (not BTS, BTS Commisioner, Commizar, etc) Banks don't like those.
    Address: 4077 Windmill Ridge, Ovilla, TX 75154

    or you can use VENMO which is our
    preferred payment method. If you win money, you will receive your winnings faster if you use Venmo.
    My Venmo account is @gregpainter14

    or if your bank is capable of sending money via Zelle, you can enter that way by sending to

    The only accepted brackets will be from the website. To access the proper form, go to and click on the "Bracket" tab found in the upper left hand side of the ribbon bar on the home page.
    b. Download the bracket (PDF) and save to your computer.
    c. Close the website to avoid confusion.
    This is a very important step. You need to use the file you download and not the open file on the website.
    d. Fill out the entire tournament bracket with your selections and resave the file.  Please save the form using your entry name as the name of the file.
    e. When you are ready to submit, e-Mail the bracket PDF to
    Remember, if you are submitting multiple brackets, make sure the names on the forms are different.


    TIEBREAKER (Step 1): Ties will first be broken based on receipt of chips. Anyone that follows the rules and has their chips delivered to the Commizar prior to the start of the tournament will receive priority over someone that delivers after the tournament starts. Those delivered after the tournament will be classified/grouped based on the date of delivery.

    TIEBREAKER (Step 2): On the bottom of the bracket you are asked to predict the total number of points of the final game. If you do not enter a prediction, you will not be asked for a tiebreaker total if you forget to enter one. Your pick will be considered to be 0 if one is not entered. This number will be used to break all ties.

  4. ENTRY DEADLINE All entries must be received by 8:00 am, CST, Thursday, March 21, 2019. After submitting your entry, please refer back to the home page of the official website to verify that your entry has been received. We have experienced some trouble with certain web browsers and e-mail providers in the past. Just make sure you check back to the website after you submit your entry to make sure your name is on the list. I update the "Entries Received" list often and post it for all to see. If you are submitting multiple entries make sure we are able to differentiate the entries by clearly identifying each with a "I", "II", "III", and so on. If you use an alias name, please make sure it is clear who the entry belongs to.  

  5. SECOND CHANCE SELECTIONS After the first weekend of games are played, the field of teams will be narrowed down to sixteen teams. You will then need to select the winners for a new bracket that will be posted on the website. These second chance selections are only worth about 1/2 the points that your original selections were. (See point values listed below) At this point, you actually have two brackets from which you can receive points towards your total score. If you are new to this competition and are confused, please ask Greg or Amy Painter, or the person who introduced you to this tournament for clarification. If you do not turn in 2nd Chance picks, then you will receive only the points from your first bracket. Your selections from your first bracket WILL NOT carry over to your 2nd Chance picks.

  6. PLAY-IN GAMES Scoring for the Big Texas Shootout begins on Thursday even though there are four play-in games that take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. To allow everyone time to think about their selections, we have given folks the opportunity to have a two for the price of one pick on the play-in games. If you chose any play-in team to win a game (and they happen to lose the play-in game) you still get the team that defeats them for as long as they are in the tournament. You also get the luxury of bonus points from the seed regardless of whether you picked them or not. In horse racing this is known as a field bet.

  7. POINT VALUES (Please! Please! Please! Read and Understand!)

    We here at the Shootout like to reward those who can predict the upsets. Three years ago we successfully implemented a new scoring system where contestants first received points for selecting the winner of each game and then received BONUS points for being able to pick which lower seeded teams can defeat the favorites. That scoring system will continue this year and will be again implemented on the Second Chance Bracket as well.

    BONUS points will be awarded by determining the variance between each team’s seeding.  For example, if a 12th seeded team defeats a 5th seeded team, then those gurus that correctly predicted that outcome would receive 7 additional bonus points.  Example two would be if a 6th team defeats a 3rd seeded team, then those that predicted that correctly would receive 3 bonus points.  Make sense?  I sure hope so.

    As stated earlier, the BONUS points will be "in addition" to the points awarded for each correct selection of a winner.   Here are those point values by round:

    Correct selections of 1st Round games are worth 2 point each. 
    Correct selections of 2nd Round games are worth 4 points each.
    Correct selections of 3rd Round games are worth 7 points each. 
    Correct selections of 4th Round games are worth 10 points each. 
    Correct selections of the Final Two are worth 15 points each. 
    Correct selections of the NCAA Champion is worth 20 points.

    Each correct guess of a Final Eight team, is worth 2 points each.
    Each correct guess of a Final Four team, is worth 5 points each.
    Correct championship game teams, is worth 8 points each.
    Correct selection of this year's NCAA Champion is worth 10 points.

    BONUS POINTS ARE AWARDED ON THE SECOND CHANCE BRACKETS just like described above in rule 7.

    The Commissioner has sole and FINAL say on any discrepancies or questions regarding the rules, bracket picks, etc. Once a ruling is made, the decision stands. Further, the Commissioner has the right to refuse admission to the conest to anyone, even if the player has played in the past. Reason for not allowing admission might include, but are not limited to:

    * Failure to submit entry feel by the deadline as stated below.
    * Questioning of a ruling made by the Commissioner.
    * Unfavorable or derogatory postings on Facebook or Twitter about the BTS in general.
    * Once you are banned from particiption, the ban stand forever.

  10. THE MAILING ADDRESS:  4077 Windmill Ridge Circle, Ovilla, TX 75154