Yes, I do acknowledge that we have web browser issues with bracket submissions. Over the years web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc...) have changed dramatically to tailor themselves to mobile devices which makes it very difficult for me and the software I own to keep up. I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER OR A CODER OR WHATEVER YOU MIGHT THINK and no one out there in the BTS community has stepped up and offered their services to design a bracket for us. What we have is the best that we know how to do. Are there issues? Yes, there are issues with some people getting brackets to me, but we learned a lot last year as to what causes issues. 

One, you really need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer so that you can fill out the form and get it returned to me so I CAN READ IT!  I’ve provided a link to the Adobe home page if you need to download it. (See bottom of this page)

Two, Apple/Mac products (iPhone, iPad, Mac laptops & desktops) that simulate Adobe Acrobat
WILL NOT WORK.  You can actually download the official Adobe Acrobat version (that should work) to a Mac/Apple product, but the version that comes with the hardware again WILL NOT WORK.

Three, trying to do this from a mobile device is one, dependent on what I’ve said above and two, it is still potluck from there if it comes through.

Four, DO NOT open the document while you are still online. Make sure you close your internet browser before opening the document from you computer if you are having issues. This was information shared to me from other BTS gurus that they had experienced.

Five, complaining and whining to me about this problem only frustrates me and probably irritates me more than you who are complaining to me about it.  I have record of who complained last year and if you complain again this year, consider this the final time you will get to do so.  I have plenty of people who can figure this out and send me nice messages at the end of the tournament so I have more than enough people to make this successful. 

Finally, remember
I DO THIS FOR FREE!  I put in hours and hours of time to try and provide the best experience possible.  Don’t just submit your entry and walk away thinking everything is great.  If I have a problem with an entry I will e-Mail you back.  In addition, you should go back to the website and make sure you name appears on the entry list.  I provide numerous updates to the official entry list after I get off of work so please check back to see that your name appears on that list.  For those that like the old way that we did it, so did I, but that way DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.

Now, everyone breathe.  Take a breath and have patience.  I’m doing the same.  Now let’s do this.

There are 3 steps for submitting a bracket.....DOWNLOAD the form to your computer, fill it out and save, and e-Mail it back to

Here are the steps:
1. Download the bracket form to your computer by RIGHT CLICKING the blue box below.
Choose the "Save link as...." option as shown below save to your computer.

2. Fill out the form with your picks and SAVE THE FORM. Make sure you name your file with the entry name you are entering before you send it back to me.

3. e-Mail your entry back to me at

OKAY, LET'S DO THIS.....RIGHT CLICK on the box below to begin.

Phone a friend if you can't figure out how to download the form.
Once someone downloads the bracket, they can e-Mail this to others.
This way it eliminates you having to go through the download instructions

If option 1 & 2 don't work, fill out a bracket on paper and give to a friend to enter for you.


It really helps to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don't have that, you can click on the icon below and you will be taken to the Adobe site for a free download.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The Commizar of the Big Texas Shootout

DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS that could have several meanings.

I'm cool with you using LSU for Louisiana State and VCU for Virginia Commonwealth in this year's edition. Those are teams that commonly go by those names.  But let me give you some examples of abbreviations not to use.

KU or UK - that could mean Kansas or Kentucky (even though they go by distinct initials)
OU - that could mean Oregon or Oklahoma.
MU or UM - that could mean Maryland, Minnesota, Marquette, Michigan, or Mississippi.
V - th
at could be Villanova or Virginia.
Basically, don't be lazy. Just be clear when filling out your bracket. You would be surprised how many times I've had those types of teams meet each other down the road. When in doubt, you lose.  Capiche?

Actually, you can double click on a team name and the name will highlight and then you can just copy and paste that team into the winning box.