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Even though the Shootout isn’t over, we need to hand out our official Wizardry titles because once the tournament is over, I doubt many of you will come back to the site once you find out whether you finished n the chips or not.

Over the past couple of weeks our Shootout brotherhood has had a chance to demonstrate their skill at picking winners or better yet, picking those upset winners leading us to the Final Four.  Although there were 78 entrants that earned a Wizardry coin, the true meaning behind Wizardry coins comes at the end when you are bestowed a crowning designation of a Wizard.  Let’s take a look at those that have been awarded by the King (The Commizar)…Dilley, Dilley!


ISTARI is the highest level of scorcery that one can achieve.  There was one person that stood out among all of us winning nine Wizardry coins (the next best was 5) in total.  This person was the only one to have both Florida State and Kansas State making it to the Sweet Sixteen.  They also picked 6 of 9 higher seeded teams to make it past the first round with two of them being the five major upsets of the first round.  They currently sit in the Top 10 of the standings although their Champion pick has been eliminated.  That doesn’t matter to the King.  This has been a tough year for picking a Champion and the person that wins the Shootout will be awarded monetarily for their achievement.  Wizardry doesn’t need monetary compensation.  Being able to show off your scorcery skills is their reward. For their remarkable abilities, we award the highest level of Wizardry to:


Congratulations Jimmie Patrick Jr for being the Wizard of all Wizards. Istari means "Wise One".


Just one level below an ISTARI, is the Supreme Ultimate Wizard.  This year that designation goes to a person that earned 5 Wizardry coins of which three of those were Supreme Ultimate in value.  They also earned one Ultimate and one Wizard coin.  This person’s highlights included picking Buffalo to defeat Arizona in the first round and also picking three of the higher seeds to make the Elite Eight.  They too have lost their Champion, but again their reward is scorcery.  For their achievements we award Supreme Ultimate Wizard status to:


We had two other entrants that also earned 5 Wizardry coins over the course of the tournament.  They each took different approaches to the tournament by earning their coins in different ways.  One earned their coins in the First Round and the Elite Eight games while the other earned theirs in the Second, Sweet Sixteen, and Elite Eight rounds.  You can probably guess which one is higher in the standings.  Actually, one of these is our current leader with the other sits in fourth.  These two still have a good chance of winning the Shootout crown.  But we are here today to reward them for their skills in Wizardry, so without further delay, we award the title of Ultimate Wizard to:


Next, we need to recognize three entrants that earned 4 Wizardry coins during the tournament.  Our first nominee had one Supreme Ultimate coin by picking 3 of the higher seeded teams to make the Elite Eight and also earned 3 Ultimate coins, one being picking 5 teams in the Elite 8.  Our second nominee also earned one Supreme Ultimate coin by picking 41 of the 60 games played so far correctly.  They also earned two Ultimate coins and a Wizard coin.  Our third nominee earned three Ultimate coins and one, Wizard coin with the highlight being that they picked Kansas State to make the Sweet Sixteen as well as picking 11 of the Sweet 16 teams.  For their achievements we award the title of Wizard to:

This next group of entrants that we recognize didn’t rise to the full level of Wizard over the full course of the tournament, but they have done enough to earn recognition with the word Wizard in the title.  These people earned three Wizardry coins during the tournament, so they are on the verge of being real scorcerers.  In recognition of them showing us some of their powers, we award the title of Junior Wizard to:

Hey, anytime you earn a Wizard coin, you have done something.  Take those coins and cherish them as they are hard to earn and require magical powers.  This next group of entrants that we recognize have made us take notice by earning two Wizardy coins.  Although they haven’t done enough to achieve a title with Wizard in it, they are getting very close.  We wish to award the title of Elf to:

Ethan ORoark, Sueanne Painter, HAPSAP Painter,
Skip Marksberry 1, Mr. BDBM, David McCord, Jim Owens,
Kevin Hannan, Madison Painter, Michael Ruemmele, Mrs. BDBM, Jake Spoon, Frank Gallagher, Javier Nieto, Evil Roy Slade,
Ernest T Bass, Tom Stark, Alexander Morris 2, Todd Wilson


Finally, this group of entrants earned a Wizardry coin during the tournament.  Out of 244 entries, only 78 people were able to earn a coin.  Even though these folks are the lowest level of Wizardry skill, they still have traces of Midichlorians in them.  Maybe one day they will be Jedis.  Who knows.  Gnomes do possess powers of magic and alchemy, so this isn’t some bogus title.  So, for the abilities, we award the title of Gnome to:

Courtney Harms, Faith Golden, Mark Holzinger, Heather Barton 1,
Jimmie Patrick Sr, Charles Kersten, Don Smithson, Amanda Sutton 1,
Emily Painter, Tom Cash, Lloyd Groff, Julie Fritsche, Giovanni Pittore,
Matthew Murray, Sunny Pumphrey, Steve Murray, Bryan Shell,
Steve Bealmear, Andrew Smith, Ruben Nieto, Kris Smithson 3, Rod Odom 1, Sarah Hobbs, Steelskins Gammache 3, Amy Owens, David Marksberry,
Marc VanGilder, Margaret Levy, Julie Wilson, Mark Ludek, Clara Allen,
Greg Maish